Accepted items or not

For 25 years, the Fondation québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle (FQDI) has been collecting used clothes and used domestic items. The Foundation resell those articles and, with the profits aid financially organizations throughout the Province of Quebec who support people living with intellectual disability.

The clothing and domestic articles will have a second life rather than fill up municipal dumps. The FQDI is putting a lot of emphasis on recycling and environmental matters. We invite you to be socially responsible when you discard used clothing and used domestic articles.

The Foundation wants to inform you that it does not accept furniture anymore whatever the size of it. On the other hand, Le Support has a great need for used domestic articles. Those articles are a hot commodity these days. Toasters, lamps, kettles, plates, utensils, glasses, mugs, cauldrons, everything related to kitchen articles. Vinyls LPs, audio and video cassettes, CDs, DVDs, books, and many other articles like that would be very welcomed.

Here is the list of articles that the FQDI does not accept:

Items not accepted

Weapons :
Dangerous items :
Chemical products
Cleaning Products
Construction materials:
No construction materials are accepted
Flammable Products:
Gas Cans
Propane bottles
Lawn mowers
Big household appliances:
No fridge or stove
No electrical heaters
Auto parts :
No auto parts are accepted
Damaged Furniture:
No damaged furniture is accepted
Needing repairs
Sofa bed
Water bed
Bed base
Bassinets for young children
Stereo furnituer
TV monitors or computer monitors except for flat screens
Car seats for children

In case of doubt, please feel free to contact our customer service at 514 725-9797 if you are not sure of what is accepted or not.