Another kind of café!

Another kind of café

Looking from the outside or the inside, Jarry 2e resembles many other café-bistro of Montreal. Nice setting, interesting menu, the café-bistro is cozy and warm. Opened in April, Jarry 2e is hoping that its concept will last.
Le Support – Fondation de la déficience intellectuelle has given an important financial aid to Parrainage civique Les Marronniers, the organization behind the café-bistro. It has hired three restaurant professionnals who work and supervise 20 people living with an intellectual disability aged from 18 to 35 ans. Those employees come to learn cooking, manning the tables and the cash register. The objective : giving those people skills that will help them get a job later in real life.
A worthwhile experience
Our Foundation is very happy to have given $25 000 to Parrainage civique Les Marronniers for this project. We are especially happyt to support projects that demonstrate clearly that people living with an intellectual disability, can have a good contribution to our society.
When we talk with the employees, there is no doubt that the project is very relevant. The level of enthusiasm, the level of motivation and the apparent pride are there for all to see. It is not easy for those people to learn the tricks of the trade. Their supervisors are demanding and they push them to improve. ‘’ We want to be rigorous with them because our goal is to make sure they have the skills to find a job in real life. Our employees have to learn hygiene, punctuality, discipline and good manners when they tend the customers,’’says the general manager Elizabeth Doiron-Gascon.
More clients visit the café-bistro
The customers who visit the café-bistro for the first time are a bit surprised to discover that their servers are people living with an intellectual disability. But very quickly, the customers enjoy their experience and the fact that they contribute to help people who need it.
As a result, the customers are more numerous from one week to another. Since the bistro-café is located on Jarry near St-Michel, many people from nearby Le Cirque du Soleil and La Tohue are customers that have adopted the café-bistro. The financial aid given by our Foundation will help the café-bistro to do more communication/marketing to insure that the café will live a long life.
More than a café!
Elizabeth Doiron-Gascon has lots of ideas to make the café-bistro a place where you want to return. Her team and her organize jazz nights from 4 PM to 7 PM every Wednesday nights. The next dates are October 9th and 23th, November the 6th and 20th and December 4th and 18th. They also offer gastronomical dinners (5 services) on Friday nights. The next dates are October the 11th, November the 8th and December the 6th. Places are limited, so you better have to call to make a reservation 438-764-8826. You can also reserve your place to hold a board of directors’ meeting or a party.