Financed projects

Une importante remise d’aide financière à la Coop de solidarité Entre-nousYear after year, Le Support - Fondation de la Déficience Intellectuelle helps a multitude of organizations, associations and schools in the many different projects they undertake. Le Support funds several small projects in terms of the amounts given, but they are projects that have a big impact on their surroundings.

For example, funding for a group trip can be an extraordinary event for intellectually disabled people and their families.  Funding for a vacation camp or to purchase equipment for a playground is also worth its weight in gold.

The Foundation also gets applications – more and more of them, in fact – for larger-scale projects as well. Relief-care projects, like the SurveillAnges project in Sherbrooke, which gives parents a little breathing room while someone looks after their children for a few hours.Une première pelletée de terre pour le Centre Louise Bibeau

Or it may be a research project conducted by the Butters Foundation in Cowansville, or major assistance with the purchase of new equipment. Research into intellectual disability is also a concern for Le Support, which considers research to be very important for the future of people living with an intellectual disability. Over the past five years, the Foundation has given $100,000 annually to the Butters Foundation.

Another promising avenue is the construction of homes that can provide housing, services, supervision and improved living conditions as well as greater autonomy for people living with an intellectual disability. That’s the case with the Rosa Blanda home in Boisbriand, which received $50,000 from the Foundation.

You can check out the following PDF documents to learn more about the projects funded by Le Support over the past few years.