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Gabrielle, the movie, opens in theaters.

The movie Gabrielle opens in many theaters and the community of intellectual disability is rejoicing. This is a very special moment because it is not everyday that a fiction movie, not a documentary, is opening in many theaters in Quebec. It is not everyday also that the star of a film is a person living with intellectual disability and that many actors have the same condition.
The community organization Les Muses has also many reasons to rejoice since all those actors are attending the different workshops offered by Les Muses, most notably in theater and music.  Le Support – Fondation de la déficience intellectuelle is particularly happy about the opening of the movie and very happy that Les Muses will reap the fruits of their efforts. Our Foundation has helped financially many times Les Muses in the past.
The critics are very positive
It is interesting to note that the movie has received many acclaims in the Montreal medias. Many film reviewers have given high praises about the movie. There is a real buzz about the film and this is highly unusual for a movie whose theme is intellectual disability. For all who are involved in the community of intellectual disability, it is music to our ears!!! Needless to say that a fiction movie, not a documentary, is unheard of and it is so very positive to see the reaction of the medias.
It is also interesting to realize that this film was presented at the 66th edition of the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. The movie, the actress Gabrielle Mario-Rivard (a person living with an intellectual disability) and its director Louise Archambault were applaused generously there and the film won the public’s Prize. We encourage you to go and see the movie because we really hope that it will be a big success at the box office.