A glamour launch for Le Support

The advertising agency BleuBlancRouge had invited many celebrities pour the media launch of our Foundation.  Also in attendance were many people from the community of intellectual disability, namely actors from la Gang à Rambrou who appeared in the much talked about movie Gabrielle. Diane Milliard, general manager of the Association du Québec pour l’intégration sociale (AQIS), and Mrs. Anik Larose, communications director were there too. Finally, the president of our board of directors Mr. Joël Mercier and the general manager of our Foundation Mr. Philippe Siebes were present.
We were very happy to see many celebrities in attendance to support our campaign, our cause and our Foundation. Because of their influence in our society, those celebrities are a real asset for our communication campaign and for our Foundation, giving an instantaneous credibility to our efforts. The endorsement of those well known people will give us a great notoriety and a great visibility. We invite you to see a video of our launch.
The talk of the town!
Our Foundation is particularly happy to see that its communication campaign by BleuBlancRouge is well received until now. Judging by the number of comments on our Web site, by email or on Facebook, our objective to attract the attention on us is well achieved. The comments are mostly favorable and we can only wish that it will translate into an increase in donations.
The president of our board of directors, Mr. Joël Mercier, has stressed the fact that the campaign built by BleuBlancRouge, was tactful, creative, sensible given our cause and effective in the way it conveys a good message.
Thanks to them!
Since the launch of our new name on September the 16th, many personalities has endorsed our campaign and our Foundation. Here are some of them:

  • Stand up comic and actor Cathy Gauthier;
  • Businessman and member of the TV show Dragons, François Lambert;
  • The chef Thierry Daraize;
  • TV host Virginie Coossa;
  • Musician and member of the rock group Simple Plan Jeff Stinco;
  • Reknowned TV personality Jean Airoldi;
  • Stand up comic Laurent Paquin;
  • Sports TV host Chantal Maccabée;`
  • Maxim Martin;
  • Dominic Arpin;
  • Marie-Julie Gagnon