Le Support wins big at Paquet voleur

Friday September the 20th, Le Support – Fondation de la déficience intellectuelle was the guest of the televised quizz Paquet voleur on Radio-Canada. We can say that our team played a very good game. This big amount will be given in financiela aids during the next months to organizations which help directly people living with an intellectual disability and their family.
The producers of the show told us that this show was one of the best in history. The show is in its seventh year. You may not know it but each participant has to answer trivial questions and win the biggest amount of money during the four rounds of the show. You can steal someone if you think that he or she has a big amount.
There were a lot of steals during the show, spectacular ones! There was risky moves, gutsy calls and a real suspense throughout the show. Considering the big amount to be won, it was no wonder that each participant wanted to get his hands on it.
With all modesty, our team played so well and we are all proud of our performance. But more than that, this show gave the Foundation a real and important opportunity to advertise our cause and the work we do. Since we changed our name recently, the timing could not have been better! For those of you who would like to see the show, just click here. http://www.radio-canada.ca/emissions/paquet_voleur/saison7/
We would like to invite you to donate to our Foundation. We need your used clothes and domestic articles. Because of your generosity, hundreds of people living with an intellectual disability and their family will have a better life.