Living with intellectual disability

Contrary to common prejudices, people living with an intellectual disability can lead an active and independent life. These people can learn to live with their limitations. They can work, follow a routine at home, at school and at work.

Of course, living with an intellectually disabled person presents some major challenges. But many people say that the love they get in return more than makes up for the difficulties. One of these difficulties is being able to count on an adequate support network, whether institutional or family.

If there are no services, it is difficult for parents and relatives to be able to deal objectively with the situation.  These services are still far from being adequate, but there has been improvement. By establishing a partnership with the support network, parents, relatives and everyone involved can make the lives of the intellectually disabled enriching, happy and productive.

Many observers stress that the health-care system, the support network and parents and relatives have to rethink the way they do things, to focus on integration to ensure that the intellectually disabled can live fully like other members of society.