Our board of directors

This is our Foundation's Board of Directors.

  • Mr. Benoît Turcotte, a lawyer, is the president of the board.
  • Mr. Stéphane Viau assists Mr. Turcotte in the role of vice-president. Mr. Viau represents l’AQIS (Association du Québec pour l'intégration sociale).
  • Mrs. France Locas, a representative of l’AQIS, is the secretary.
  • Mr. Yvan Joyal is the treasurer.
  • Mrs. Emmanuelle Richard, another representative of l’AQIS, is an administrator.
  • Mrs. Dominique Gilbert is an administrator and also a representative of l’AQIS.
  • Mrs. Caroline Boucher, another representative of l'AQIS, is an administrator.
  • Mrs. Anik Larose, General Manager of l'AQIS is a consultative member of the board.
  • Mr. Philippe Siebes, General Manager of Le Support serves as a consultative member of the board.






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