Our team

Our Team

  • Mr. Philippe Siebes, Managing Director
  • Mrs. Michelle Ngouala, Accountant
  • Mr. Daniel Garceau, Operations Supervisor
  • Mr. Fayçal Merdassi, Partner Relations
  • Mrs. Lucie Émond, Financial Aid Manager
  • Mrs. Carol Barrett, Manager of telephone solicitation and customer service
  • Mr. Alain Mongrain, Communications Manager

In addition to this team, we have warehouse materials handlers, truck drivers, a team of telephone operators, a dispatcher, a warehouse manager, a manager of the emergency service to partners, a manager of donation box installations, and a box maintenance manager.

The professionalism of all these people ensures that our organization runs smoothly. It’s no small task seeing to the collection and shipment of tonnes of goods, 365 days a year.

Our staff strive to support the cause of intellectual disability by offering their professional expertise and their hearts. Working for Le Support - Fondation de la déficience intellectuelle means believing in the wellbeing of the intellectually disabled.