Where do your donations go?

Contrary to most of the foundations who rely on fundraising activities to get money, Le Support - Fondation de la déficience intellctuelle has opted for another way of raising money. Right from the beginning, it has opted for the preservation of the environment and the recycling of things. 

In giving a second life to old clothing and domestic articles, Le Support has placed a bet on environmental  protection. The dozens of tons of objects collected has seen their lifecycle prolonged instead of contributing to fill up the municipal landfill sites. 

The funds amassed by the Foundation comes from the sale of those items. Contrairy to popular belief, the objects collected by Le Support are not destined for people living with intellectual disability. The Foundation sells those articles to get money so it can help organizations who are working closely with people living with intellectual. 

Supporting good initiatives and meeting the needs

The Foundation’s mission is not to dress people living with intellectual disability but rather to support financially the organizations who work with those special people. The long standing commitment of the Foundation towards the cause of intellectual disability has enabled thousands of persons to improve their quality of life, their well-being, their integration within the community and their development.

Throughout the years, Le Support has contributed to the purchase of specialized equipments, playground structures, transport vehicles, leisure activities, sport and cultural activities to name a few. The Foundation has also allowed many people living with intellectual disability to participate in educative trips.

Le Support also helps numerous summer camps, community centers and houses specifically designed to give a respite to the parents. This is very important since the parents cannot call a babysitter like everyone else. The parents need a break too. Our Foundation has also helped more and more housing projects destined to people living with intellectual disability sot hey can live autonomously.

A market for used clothing

There is an important market for used clothing and used domestic articles. And it is very good since those articles can have a long life instead of rotting in landfills. We need to recuperate and recycle more these days!

In order to make a profit of the tons of material collected, the Foundation has to have clients who can buy what it collects. In the Province of Quebec, there is only one chain of stores that can handle an important volume of article and it is Village Value Stores (VVS). This chain of thrift stores is very important to our Foundation. But we are not the only charitable organization who sells to VVS. Entraide diabétique and the Foundation of Big Brothers and Big Sisters also sell their articles to VVS.

For those three charitable organizations, VVS is indispensable to be able to fulfill their charitable missions.

VVS has also some good credentials:

  • It helps people with low income to buy goods that are of good quality 
  • It helps the environment because otherwise, all the articles bought by VVS would likely go to landfills 
  • It helps creat jobs, it pays taxes and contribute to the local economy

Le Support sells the goods that it collects to some clients who use the goods for recycling or to sel lit in other countries, sometimes when natural catastrophes hit and the needs for clothing is important.