Where does the money go ?

Une partie des installations d’Action aide loisir Papineau, un organisme soutenu par la FondationWith the public’s donations of used clothing and household items, Le Support - Fondation de la déficience intellectuelle collects several tonnes of materials that it then resells to the Value Village chain of second-hand stores, or to brokers who ship these items to Canada or to disadvantaged countries, especially when there are natural disasters.

All the money collected this way, after operating expenses have been paid, is given to organizations, associations, groups and so on. Some organizations that help people living with an intellectual disability submit financial-aid applications to Le Support - Fondation de la déficience intellectuelle. Since it was established, our Foundation has collected tonnes and tonnes of materials, which has enabled it to distribute more than 15 million dollars in financial aid to more than 1,300 applications submitted by organizations working in the intellectual disability field.

The Foundation tries to keep its expenses to a minimum so it can always offer more and more funds to the field of intellectual disability, and it makes certain that the funds donated make a difference in the lives of the intellectually disabled.

La FQDI aide des camps d’été comme le camp Gatineau

Since its modest beginnings in 1988, Le Support - Fondation de la déficience intellectuelle has experienced steady growth and has given more and more money in financial aid. It surpassed the million-dollar milestone in aid given out in 1995.