Who benefits ?

Joël travaille chez Maxi et est très actifEver since it began providing support, Le Support - Fondation de la déficience intellectuelle has been resolutely committed to the cause of people living with an intellectual disability. The Foundation seeks to:

  • improve their quality of life,
  • offer them recreational opportunities,
  • teach concepts for living in society and for working,
  • facilitate their social inclusion,
  • give them tools to help them grow.

The organizations that Le Support provide financial support to share these same concerns. The situation of people living with intellectual disability has steadily improved over the years, but there is still a long way to go.

We must not forget that the intellectually disabled are not all the same. Intellectual disability affects different people differently. Their condition may be mild, moderate or severe.

Couper un ruban pour une bonne cause!The intellectually disabled, like everyone else, grow up and grow old. Their needs are different at different times in their lives. Le Suppoort is concerned with providing financial aid to the organizations that support people who experience different conditions throughout their lives.

To the extent possible, Le Support tries to benefit all people living with intellectual disability. Whatever their condition, age or situation.