Volunteer work

Help make us more visible

Donating your used clothing and goods is an excellent way of supporting Le Support and our cause – improving the lives of the intellectually disabled. There are other ways of helping us and they are very important to us.

Le Support is seeking volunteers to perform different tasks that let us better accomplish our social mission. There is a wide range of possibilities:

  • Doing internet research on different subjects
  • Taking part in our events, such as our annual garage sale
  • Representing the organization at shopping malls
  • Distributing information pamphlets during events or around metro stations

We would really appreciate being able to count on your collaboration! With your help, the public will know more about us and about intellectual disability.

To find out more, contact Alain Mongrain, Business Manager. 

At (514) 725-9797, extension 239 or by e-mail: amongrain@lesupport.ca.

You can also fill out the following form and send it to us: