The News

The advertising agency BleuBlancRouge had invited many celebrities pour the media launch of our Foundation.  Also in attendance were many people from the community of intellectual disability, namely actors from la Gang à Rambrou who appeared in the much talked about movie Gabrielle. Diane Milliard, general manager of the Association du Québec pour l’intégration sociale (AQIS), and Mrs.

Another kind of café

Looking from the outside or the inside, Jarry 2e resembles many other café-bistro of Montreal. Nice setting, interesting menu, the café-bistro is cozy and warm. Opened in April, Jarry 2e is hoping that its concept will last.

Friday September the 20th, Le Support – Fondation de la déficience intellectuelle was the guest of the televised quizz Paquet voleur on Radio-Canada. We can say that our team played a very good game. This big amount will be given in financiela aids during the next months to organizations which help directly people living with an intellectual disability and their family.

The movie features many actors living with an intellectual disability and it is a great way to demystify intellectual disability with the general public.